Daily Pill

If you wish to succeed, focus on the things you wish to achieve and get rid of the obstructions that may hinder your progress. Identify your weaknesses and loopholes that makes success seem farther away and crash them down with your strengths. Success is more of a journey than just a destination, don’t stop succeeding every step of the way! Make your past successes stepping stones to chalking other successes.


You set my heart ablaze

You’ve become my music

And my greatest muse

I thought it was an illusion

Then, I realised it was a fusion

A fusion of two hearts that love

With your love, I’m set on flight as a dove.


Daily Reminder

Do not get weary in your wait for the fulfillment of God’s word concerning your life. There’s a battle to every crown as well as every level on the ladder of success and self-fulfilment in one’s life, and as such keep the faith, never lose hope, persist and press on while looking unto God, the author and finisher of our faith. Hold onto God, remain steadfast in and by his word. There’s an assured glorious sunshine after the storms.

It is well. God bless and be with us all.🙏😇🥰💝 Sending love, streams of joy and illuminations of hope to everyone.🤗🥰💝

Daily Pill

Waiting on God could at times break you, but in that brokenness, God moulds you and refills you for the next season. Do not be fazed  or lose hope precipitiously in that season. Until you learn and know the lessons of a season, it becomes difficult sailingthrough to the next level. Never give up nor give in, the trials of the test gives the maximum victory through persistence and a fervid spirit.

With love and tons of blissful smiles from Agnes Astrid. Remain blessed.😇💝🥰

Discovery of the song of your life.

Everyone has a beautiful song playing within him or her. It’s up to you to realise your song and sing it out. Don’t be afraid and don’t waste time because your song may be the sweetest song the world needs to hear.

Sing it out loud and clear, let it flow without delays. Discover your very purpose, the journeys of self discovery and the meanings you derived from your life’s trajectory. Don’t let the situations and circumstances of life stop you from singing the songs of your life out. Someone sang his and has become successful. You can as well make it big if you determine and begin to sing it out.

Remember, there are many who died without singing their songs out loud beacuse they were blinded by the circumstances life posed at them and what the naysayers may have said about their stories. Do not be like them, do not waste time playing as they did, start singing and living your purpose now! Let all nations and people realise the potentials embedded within you, let the meaning to your existence reach the ends of the world.

Stop being artificial! Sing your songs now! Be confident, because without confidence, you were beaten even before you start.

Sending love, blissful smiles and songs of hope to you all.💞🥰💝